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While the City of Bowie can collect minor debris with the household trash collection, large amounts of construction debris must be specially handled since the Prince George’s County prohibits City trucks from dumping large amounts of construction and demolition (C&D) material into their landfill. Disposal Options for Construction Debris (CD): More

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We also encourage residents to make use of other recycling resources such as those listed in our More Waste & Recycling Resources page. For more information about all of the City of Bowie's Trash and Recycling services, please visit other pages in this section. ... City of Bowie 15901 Excalibur Road Bowie, MD 20716 Phone: 301-262-6200 Fax: 301 ... More

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AdvoWaste Medical is Bowie Maryland's number one local alternative to safe, professional and reliable medical waste disposal services. We handle all types of medical waste, sharps and biohazard waste removal for a wide variety of medical facilities located in the city of Bowie. More

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Why Secure Waste for your medical waste management? Secure Waste is the local authority in Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. on hazardous medical waste disposal and recycling. We are a full service medical biohazard waste disposal managment company with a proven track record; providing safe and cost-effective (Cradle-to-Grave) management of regulated infectious medical waste in Maryland ... More

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With so few Medical Waste Management Companies doing business today , it might be hard to select the best one in bowie md, specifically when you are disposing of regulated biohazardous waste, clinical medical waste, sharps or other potentially infectious or hazardous waste materials.It is very important to employ a bowie md waste management company that is local and offers you a dependable ... More

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While Maryland has some of the most thorough and strict medical waste disposal regulations around, pollution still happens. Be it a nurse accidentally throwing infectious waste in the wrong garbage bin or a diabetic throwing a syringe in their garbage can, both are pollution and both harm Maryland. More

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Note: For items the City cannot collect, see our page on More Recycling and Waste Disposal Resources for suggestions on how to dispose of these items. * Plastic bags can be dropped off at most grocery stores in Bowie and at Best Buy, Home Depot, Kohl's, Lowe's, Target, and Walmart. More

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The Maryland Department of Health (MDH) regulations, Code of Maryland Regulations 10.06.06, define special medical waste and the criteria by which treatment methods are evaluated (as to whether the treatment creates a regulated or non-regulated waste product) More

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Other topics found within Maryland’s special medical waste regulations in regard to handling include the topic of infectious waste, medical waste generators, and determinations for special medical waste. These codes also describe Maryland’s identification numbering system, certification, pre-transport and pre-treatment regulations, and more. More